” A much-needed guide to fostering a healing presence — a practical combination of the art and science of healing, suitable for caregivers and health professionals alike. Authentic Healing is a true classic from an authentic healer.”

– Andrew Weil, MD, author of Successful Aging

“Dr. Kemper represents a new breed of physician who combines the best of conventional Western Medicine with evidence-informed holistic treatments. She gets to the heart of healing.”

– Mimi Guarneri, MD
President, Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine

“Dr. Kemper is a true pioneer in a field that is slowly realizing that health is more about a process than a pill. She artfully brings the reader through a series of steps that helps prepare to skillfully recruit healing mechanisms. The most valued caretaker will be one who can reproduce the teachings in this text. Dr. Kemper is a scholar, gifted teacher, and master clinician. This text should be required reading for anyone interested in using themselves as a healing vector.”

– David Rakel, MD
Author, Integrative Medicine

“This book lovingly brings to us an understanding of healing which transcends time and space. It is really about how Dr. Kemper has lived her entire life bringing healing to herself and the world she lives in.  Beautifully written and illustrated, it is a treasure.”

– Gladys McGarey, MD
Founder, American Holistic Medical Association