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I’m writing this for those who are like me, who want a basic introduction to healing from a reputable, reli­able resource.

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  1. Can Healing Be Learned or Is It a Gift?

Yes! Healing is a gift and it can be learned. Just as a few people are naturally gifted musicians while others struggle to learn chop­sticks, some people are naturally gifted at facilitating healing. And just as gifted athletes practice the fundamentals of their skills, those who want to learn how to help heal others need to practice, prac­tice, practice. (Note: for simplicity, we will call those who facilitate, support, promote, encourage, and set the stage for healing healers. Please remember that this is just for simplicity. In reality, the person who achieves greater well-being is the healer.) Learning a new skill of any kind is easiest with good coaching, practice, feedback, and more practice. With dedication, good training, and persistence, even those who are not born healers can help reduce suffering.

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What Do Healers Do?
What Are Centering and

Having the clear intention to be helpful to another person, to connect with him, and to relieve his suffering is essential for healing. This is the reason Chapter 1 was devoted to intention and motivation. An explicit intention and a strong motivation to help are essential, but they are not sufficient to create the conditions for healing to occur. Health professionals study for many years to master knowledge and skills to provide scientific medical care. The secret of the art of healing is knowing how to be as well as how to do. To become an effective healer, the two central practices are learning to become and remain centered and grounded while engaging in healing work. Regardless of whether the healer is trying to help someone relax, feel more energized, relieve pain, nausea, or some other symptom, or support a sense of peace, harmony, and ease, the healer practices centering and grounding. Continue Reading…